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Romance - How To Improvise

Romance"I can try all sorts of fancy ways to say this but it all comes down to this…
I love you."


Any tale dealing with the complex emotion of love, and the journey to obtain it. Stories tend to be about a two people discovering their love for each other overcoming obstacles and mostly living happily ever after.


  • Often dramatic and dealing with a multitude of emotions as well as love.
  • “Love” is nearly always treated as a mystical force that pulls two people together because they were somehow meant to be. This is the concept of “the one” or “soul mate” i.e. the person you are meant to be with.
  • Characters sometimes don’t believe in love, or that it can happen to them, until it does happen to them. Cynicism more common in side characters.
  • The ending does not have to be happy, but it nearly always is.
  • Classically explained as Boy meets girl; boy loses girl; boy wins girl back.


WhereAnywhere, but there is an alarming tendency for at least scene set in a church during a wedding service.
When Anytime. From the creation of man until the last two people at the end of the world.
WhoAnyone. What is most important is the relationships.

Central lovers: two characters who must overcome things to fulfil their love or fight to keep it. The classic central relationship is two people who love each other but can’t be together or who don’t know that their love is reciprocated; Or that do not love each other but who ‘fate’ will put together. There are usually side characters who are good friends or colleagues of one or both of them. However these friendships can often become threatened because of the central relationship.

Nearly always a rival: someone who usually loves one of the main characters and/or seems to be (or is) loved back. The rival often appears to be the perfect partner, or is very wrong for the other person but this can only be seen by the other one of the central pair.
WhatFalling in love; musing on the wonders and quirks of love; trying to get noticed; losing out to rival; declarations of love; often ends with a proposal, marriage or just getting together.

Movies are about the journey to find love, to express love or to keep love.

The eternal triangle is often a starting point or early plot point. Typical triangle is where A and B are the central couple. A loves B, B loves C; C loves B or him/herself. Often C falling in love with B and learns not be so narcissistic but only after B has fallen in love with A.

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Also known as:

Romantic Fiction; Love Story
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