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Genre Guru have taken their years of improv and movie experience to create these unique Genre Guides.

Each Genre Guide takes a specific genre and breaks it down into the essential elements:

  • What type of characters frequent the genre?
  • What do they do?
  • Where do they do it?
  • When are the movies typically set?
  • What other elements are closely associated with it or can readily identify it?
  • What are some of the better known or most typical movies, actors, directors, writers, etc, of this genre?

Then there is a list of performance tips giving guidance on:

  • How to play the characters.
  • How to speak.
  • What sort of things you can say.
  • What emotions and atmospheres are key to the genre?
  • What specific things or types of things you can do.
  • How other players, musicians or lighting and sound people can help.
  • What things should you not do or avoid doing, and why? (i.e. What things can disrupt the flow of a scene or that are so over-done an audience will just groan.)

To see a sample of the Genre Guides showing the layout and more details of their content, download the Sample Genre Guide.


These downloadable PDF files are readable in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader: