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Romantic Comedy (Romcom) - How To Improvise

Romantic Comedy"You’re not as vile as I thought you were."
—10 Things I Hate About You


A sub-genre of Romance (qv) i.e. dealing with love, but with a large element of humor. Sometimes the humor is tagged on to a standard love story and only the side characters are funny, sometimes it is more integral and the central characters and situations too are funny.


  • Pretty much everything that applies to Romance applies to Romantic Comedy. The drama can be high, but there will be comic relief or the drama will be heightened until it becomes comic.
  • "Love" is often a mystical force that pulls people together, although in a Romantic Comedy this belief often isn’t followed as religiously as in a ‘straight’ Romance.
  • Often it is the quirky things that one character does or the comic accidents the two have that bring them together.


WhereAnywhere, but a church during a wedding service is almost obligatory and airports are common.
When Anytime. From the dawn of creation until the end of the world.
WhoLove can strike anyone. What are most important are the relationships. There are the central lovers, one of which is often geeky and awkward, as well as at least a couple of friends and/or colleagues and almost always a rival. Sometimes a second couple will illustrate a different side to romance or a different approach. Comedy Vicar.
WhatFalling in love; trying desperately to be noticed; being jilted; mad dash across town; one of the couple usually has to go somewhere, usually by plane; ending with a proposal, marriage or other way of getting together.
A Romantic Comedy is less likely to have a tragic ending than straight Romance, but it is possible for it to end without the couple getting together.

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