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1. What is a genre?

A genre is a style or type of any creative media. Whilst Genre Guru concerns itself with movies and TV shows, it also covers radio, theater and book styles. Art too can be divided into genres, but this is way beyond the scope of this site.

2. Where does the word come from?

The word genre is the french word for kind (as in type, not as in considerate or like). The word does not have to relate to artistic endeavors, but can also relate to anything that can have a distinct type.

3. How can you tell different genres apart?

In short, experience. If you watch a few things in one genre, you can soon pick up things that are similar. The more examples you watch the more you pick out things that are more consistent and realise that some are not fixed parts of the genre, or are things that are in multiple genres. The things that define a genre are varied. Sometimes it's an atmosphere, sometimes its a way of filming, sometimes its the type of characters or the kind of things that happen. Usually its a lose mixture of these things and a subset of them is all that's needed top put a film in that genre.

4. How to I download a Genre Guide?

First browse through the many genres on the site and locate the one(s) you wish to download. You can see the list from Genre Descriptions and Tips. In the top right-hand corner of each Genre page is a link, "Add the Genre Guide to your shopping cart." Do this and click "Continue Shopping" to continue searching for Genres. When you are ready, click "GO TO PAYMENTS."

Payment is handled by PayPal via our payment company, Cedii. Once paymnent is complete, you will be presented with a screen listing your purchased Genre Guides. Please download these before closing or browsing away from this window.

For confirmation, you will receive two emails: One from PayPal confirming payment, and another from Mal's eCommerce listing the documents you have requested. For any further questions related to this, please use the Contact Us form.

5. What is an FAQ?

An FAQ is a list of Frequently Asked Questions complete with answers.

6. Has anyone really ever asked you what an FAQ is?

Actually yes, but not in relation to this site. And yes it was only once, so it isn't really a frequently asked question. But then nobody has ever asked me where the word genre has come from, it's just there because someone might just do that.

7. How do I submit a question for this FAQ?

Ask me that question several times. Or even at least once at this stage.

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