Porn Genre - How To Improvise

Porn"Ooh, baby! Ah, yeah, thatís it!"


Movies in which the main point is to watch people having sex. Sometimes there is something like a plot building up to or framing the sex, but often it just happens.


  • Varying degrees from soft-core where you donít even see genitalia to hard-core animal S&M.
  • Acting is seldom any good but faking of orgasms, superb.
  • Once an orgy starts, anyone who arrives joins in, including the plumber, pool cleaner and pizza delivery boy.
  • Films usually have low production values: i.e. are made quickly and cheaply. Successful ones are always followed by a flood of sequels and copies)


When Anytime.
WhoAnyone. But certain stereotypes persist: housewives, maids, gardeners, pool cleaners, nurses, plumbers, electricians, window cleaners, pizza delivery boys. Women are blonde and artificially large breasted; men well hung and (in the 70s especially) hairy. Porn stars often have suggestive names like Dick Long, Dirk Diggler, Buck Naked, Gina Wild, Wendy Whoppers, Christina Aguilera.
WhatSex and lots of it, in all sorts of ways.
Porn more directed for a female / TV / soft-core market, tends to have something like a plot. These are often combined with a different genre, so for instance the plot is about a detective and his female assistant on the trail of a prostitute killer, gives a lot of excuses for sex; or the plot can be about someone researching sexual behavior or overcoming a sexual problem by screwing as many people as possible.
The hard-core or male-orientated variety often doesnít need excuses. Thereís something there that needs humping, hump it.
The middle ground is where most porn films are, and there is some attempt at an excuse for the humping, but often it is flimsy, and in about 4 lines the plumber goes from someone just arrived to fix the pipes to someone tearing off the housewifeís clothes.

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Also known as:

Adult Movies; Sex Films