Glossary of Terms

Mixed-Genre Games

Mixed-Genre Games are shortform games where more than one genre is involved in such a way that they cannot exert too much control over the story. For simplicity, we have incorporated Genre Replacement Games in here, which are games where an existing story is reproduced but in a different genre,

In both of these categories, the story is set by outside factors. You are strongly recommended to place less importance on the story elements of a genre, and use the feel, emotion, and some specific actions of the genre. One reason for this are that often the 'what' of the scene has already been established and should not be changed. In games where multiple genres are at play, no one genre can dictate the direction of the piece.

Also, Certain plot-orientated actions of the genre will send the scene in a completely different direction. For example pulling a gun on someone or screaming that a monster is outside shaking the building are huge offers, that you can't just shrug off when the genre changes if you want to keep any integrity in the scene. Pulling a gun on someone, in most cases (except sometimes in a gangster scene), completely changes the relationship you have with that person. If you don't believe me try pulling a gun on your mother or partner and see if ever get back what you had. Similarly, a monster shaking the room, apart from being an object (or character if you will) outside the scene, which is generally best avoided, means that the scene becomes about there being a monster outside the room and less about the relationship you had established. I do realise this is counter-intuitive, but it can be very disruptive in a rollercoaster for their to actually be a monster.

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Full-Genre Games

In Full-Genre Games, which includes Genre longforms, the genre is allowed free reign. And in fact all of the norms and things that happen plot-wise in that genre are allowed. You need a monster in a monster movie longform. They include forms where multiple genres are allowed, but where they control separate scenes and story lines.

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