Dogme 95 Genre- How To Improvise

Dogme 95"Cheers to my dad; a rapist and a murderer."


A way of creating naturalistic films created in 1995 by Danish directors Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg. There are a strict set of rules that must be followed for the movie to be certified as being Dogme 95.


  • Intense Drama.
  • Shot on location and with no props other than what is already there.
  • Sound must be produced only by things happening at the location. Music only allowed if part of the scene.
  • Wobbly because camera must be hand-held.
  • No additional lighting allowed, except in poor lit areas where a single lamp can be attached to the camera.
  • Film must be in the here and now. (The ethos is very similar to that of improv and in fact actors are often encouraged to improvise within their characters.)


Where Anywhere, but must be a real location as sets are not allowed. Normal everyday locations.
When Now.
Who Anyone. But characters must be realistic and contemporary. People with problems, such as mental or emotional. Alcoholics.
What Family dramas, arguments, bonding, dinners. Revealing secrets, deaths. No superficial action: Murders, weapons, car chases, etc.

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Also known as:

Dogma 95