Cinderella, Superhero
Wonder Woman

Megatropolis, a few years into the future. A teenage girl kneels in a 51st-storey apartment, sweeping the floor with a small brush. She is crying. This is roboCleaner work. Her step-mother says they do not need a roboCleaner because they have the girl. Her step-sisters laugh at this. The girl is glad they are out.

Whilst on the floor she notices a small ball under the chair. She recalls it as a childhood toy she was fascinated with and always used to play with. She stretches under the chair but it is fat. She nudges it with the tips of her fingers. It moves a little but no closer. She shifts and stretches further. She is now able to nudge it a little closer and grabs it.

She rotates it, remembering the texture of the hard plastic and its extraordinary metallic-grey, running her finger along the bright red strip that represents an equator. A line along the middle of the strip suggested the ball could be opened somehow, but she had never managed it.

After a few moments renewing her fascination with the ball, she tries again to open it. The two halves twist easily. She catches her breath unexpectedly. The ball feels warm. She calms her strangely excited heart and continues to turn the ball.

At last, the two halves fall apart and from each comes a glow. A glow that rises and grows to form a magnificent white, shape three feet tall. It becomes more defined and reveals a humanoid form that seems to be an older version of her.

"Salutations," it said. "I am your mother."


"My name is Relmalas. You were born not on Earth, but on the planet Farfenarteria. Our planet is dying and by the time you get this message, it will be dead. Destroyed by Kabbulite, which is deadly to all Farfenarterians. You are not human. You have one thing that they cannot do. You can transform objects and smaller creatures into the shapes you want. But only for one Farfenarterian karbir, about one Earth hour. Then they will be returned to their original form. Maybe you have learnt to do this already."

The girl pulls a face. "That doesn't sound at all right," she thinks. She has always known she was adopted and was somehow different. But not that different. Not abnormal. Did her mother really mean she could turn the small brush into a... she looks down. The brush is now a vacuum cleaner.

"Your real name is Cinderella. Use your powers for good and to obtain a good husband so that you can continue the Farfenarterian genes. Salutations." The image disappears.

Cinderella plugs in the vacuum cleaner and cleans the kitchen in record time. With nothing more to do until her step mother and sisters get back from wherever they had gone to, she switches on the VideoTube. The news is on. Downtown a party is being held to ransom by the evil Dr Deathray. Footage shows her step mother and sisters to be there. Cinderella feels resentment towards them but her real mother told her to do good. Standing next to them is the most handsome man she has ever seen. She vows to rescue them.

She looks down at the poor clothes she has on.

"I can't rescue people looking like this," she says. She looks down again and her clothes have changed to bright red, blue and yellow and over her shoulder flies a cape. She has a mask on too.

Now to get there. She grabs a pumpkin from the vegetable rack and rushes outside. She places it on the street and watches it as it becomes a turbo-charged racing car. In black, of course. She jumps in - pumpkin cars don't need keys.

On the other side of town, the police have surrounded the building. The black car pulls up unnoticed amidst the confusion of the situation. She goes round the side of the building. She sees a dustbin, picks it up and it becomes a ladder. She climbs up to the roof.

Looking down through the sky-light she can see the hostages, Dr Deathray and his henchmen. She can see amongst the former the handsome, well-dressed man.

Another skylight is over a room next to the large reception room. It is empty. The skylight becomes paper and she lifts up one side of it and climbs down the wallpaper which is now another ladder.

She goes to the door and peers through. She tries to make the chandelier right above Dr Deathray into a piano, but it doesn't work. She is too far away. And it would leave the henchmen intact, each of whom has a machine gun.

She sees there was only one way to get close enough to disarm them. She kicks the door open and rushes into the center of the room.

"Dr Deathray, release the hostages."

"Who the Zarquon are you?"

"I am... Cinder Ella!"

"Cinder Ella? Sounds like you might get burnt. Ha ha! Welcome, Cinder Ella. And please die. Men!"

The four henchmen step forward to get a good shot. They aim and pull the triggers on their... snakes. Each screams and drops the offending reptile. The snakes slither away.

"Amazing!" declared Dr Deathray. "But does it beat this?" With that he produces an over-sized gun with an incredible amount of antennae and glowing globes. From it shoots a glowing beam of purple light. It seems to sap all her strength. She can't move and soon falls to her knees. She knows this must be pure Kabbulite waves.

She feels her whole strength ebbing away. She knows she will die if she cannot get out of the beam. Yet she cannot move and cannot transform anything. A tear forms in her eye ruing her sad, short life.

Suddenly the light stops and her strength seeps back. She lifts her head to see Dr Deathray sprawled on the floor with the handsome man standing over him. He has kicked him to the floor. She smiles at the handsome man.

Dr Deathray jumps back up. Pushes the man to the floor, but before he can pull the trigger, Cinderella has blinked. The gun is now a pool of acid which falls over Dr Deathray, melting his clothes. He screams in agony and his henchmen faithfully remove his clothes, but in turn Cinderella turns their clothes into rubber bands and they are trapped – unable to move.


As the police are taking away the villains, Dr Deathray vows his revenge. But Cinderella barely notices as she is facing the handsome man.

"Thank you," she said.

"No, thank you." Then he added, "I'm Steven Prince, a junior reporter with the Megatropolis Daily News. What you did was amazing."

"Oh it was nothing." As she says this she feels something change. Her clothes return to their drab selves, her cape becomes the dish cloth it used to be and the mask returns to being a PostIt note stuck to her forehead. She is so embarrassed to be her old usual self she runs out of the building. The car is gone. At about this time, two youths are picked up for driving a pumpkin at great speed down the Megaway.

Cinderella runs all the way home.

Shortly after she arrives home, her step family returns to tell her how they foiled a kidnap attempt.


A week later, there is knock at the door. Her step-mother answers. Cinderella hears that it is a reporter for the Megatropolis Daily News. She recognizes the voice. He is interviewing people who were at the ball. Did they know the girl? Did they recognize this? Cinderella was in the next room and did not know what was produced. Both step sisters claimed ownership of it.

Cinderella peers through the crack in the door. It is the PostIt note. He tries to stick it to the sisters' foreheads, but it just flutters to the ground.

"I'm sorry," he explains. No one notices the door open at first, but when it is fully open, they all turn to see a bashful Cinderella.

"It's mine," she says, apologetically.

"You must prove it."

"Present it to me."

"Present it?"

"Give it to me as you would something special."

Steve Prince kneels down and holds the PostIt note in the palm of his hand, but it isn't a PostIt note anymore. It is a ring.

"I accept," said Cinderella. "Thank you."

Steve Prince blinks. He can't believe it for a moment and then he realizes.

"You're welcome!" he adds. And puts it on her finger.

"By the way," Cinderella says as an aside. "This will be a PostIt note in one hour. I assume there'll be a replacement."

"Don't worry, Cinders. I have a whole batch of PostIt notes on my desk."

Will they live happily ever after? Will Dr Deathray escape and wreak his terrible revenge? Find out in the next exciting episode of… Cinder Ella.